Partnerships for achieving our goals
Partnerships for achieving our goals

Partnerships for achieving our goals

Alterfin is committed to its 180 partners spread across 38 countries, and is also engaged in initiatives that are working together on a daily basis towards a more socially and environmentally responsible world. These initiatives, which pool their resources and expertise, take a variety of forms: networks of solidarity investors, partnerships with organisations that have skills and activities to complement those of Alterfin, and certification organisations. In view of this, we would like to point out that Alterfin moved its offices to the Mundo-Madou complex in May 2019. Based on the desire for social and environmental responsibility, the design of the buildings in this complex is intended to minimise their environmental impact, and the resident organisations pool the resources made available to them.


Alterfin has obtained various types of certifications that demonstrate the ethical and sustainable nature of its commitment towards its co-op members, its staff and its partners. Whether national or international, these labels demonstrate Alterfin’s role as an organisation striving for a fairer world.


By becoming a member of other Belgian cooperatives and organisations in turn, Alterfin aims to stimulate exchanges and foster a cooperative movement with identical aspirations and values.


In both the microfinance and the sustainable agriculture sectors, Alterfin is an active member of a number of umbrella networks of organisations involved in similar or complementary activities. The knowledge sharing that prevails within these networks is designed to serve the needs of everyone involved, all the way to the final beneficiaries. It should also be noted that these networks play an active part in defining and promoting good practices within the sector, in the spirit of transparency and always for the good of the beneficiaries.


Alterfin a noué des partenariats avec des institutions aux inspirations similaires: œuvrer pour le financement d’organisations dont l’activité est ancrée dans une mission sociale et environnementale. A ce titre, Alterfin bénéfice désormais de soutiens financiers de la part de la Banque Européenne d’Investissement, mais aussi de deux banques éthiques du paysage italien (Banca Etica) et belge (vdk bank). Ces soutiens constituent de nouveaux leviers d’action pour étendre notre mission auprès d’un plus large public.


To finance its partners, Alterfin uses its own share capital and the loans mentioned above, as well as third-party funds that it co-manages. These third parties share with Alterfin a common vision to support socially and economically disadvantaged people. To complement the services provided through Alterfin’s capital, these funds offer additional support, whether financial (via equity participation) or technical (via technical assistance). This enables Alterfin to share the risk associated with its business by mobilising several funds to finance a partner with significant needs.


Given the importance of microfinance in the program of some members, some have become shareholders and basic partners of Alterfin. 

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