B Corp

B Corp: recertification that makes sense

At Alterfin, we’ve just successfully completed the B Corp recertification process. Of course, we’re pleased with this result; it confirms that our approach is the right one and that our continuous improvement process is effective.

A certification of value(s)

B Corp is not like other certifications. Instead of focusing on financial or management criteria, it looks at a company’s undertakings and results when it comes to the environment, social responsibility, and governance. It’s a holistic approach that assesses the ethics and behavior of a company’s interactions: with its customers, its suppliers, its employees, society, the environment, and more. As such, it focuses on core values rather than financial value. That’s why it’s so important to us.

In 2018, when we took the initial steps, we wanted to subject the ethical approach we had been pursuing since the start back in 1994 to an independent assessment. We were delighted not only to obtain this first certification with a score that was well above the required minimum, but also to receive a Best for the World Award for the relationship between Alterfin and its employees. Our score for this recertification is significantly higher than in 2018, proving that we’re heading in the right direction.

A planetary movement

But B Corp is much more than just a certification. It’s a movement on a planetary scale. B-Lab, the division of B Corporation that defines certification criteria, promotes standards, policies, tools and programs that seek to change the cultural and structural foundations of capitalism. The objective is to create a virtuous circle and to change the business world together from within. Companies with B Corp certification are therefore part of a community whose role is to lead by example, all while working together, supporting each other, and persuading other companies to join them.

And it works! In 2018, there were only seven Belgian organizations with B Corp certification; today, there’s around 40 of us. The movement is growing, as are the chances of creating a snowball effect that will enable us to change the business world and work together for a responsible, sustainable and shared future.

Join us!

We’re talking to you about this certification because we want to ask you to join us. Whether you’re the director of an SME, an employee or an executive at a large company or a multinational, you can make a difference! Visit B Corp’s website to find out more about the movement and B Corp certification, and to take action in your own way. We’re now witnessing accelerated climate and environmental change and we need to step up our efforts. Together, we can make it happen!

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