Testimonies of our partners
Testimonies of our partners

Testimonies of Our Partners


“Alterfin is the first international lender
to have put its trust in us. It is always
difficult for us to obtain financing, but
at the time of the first investment it was next to
impossible for us to find a viable alternative”

(Coconut Holdings, Kenya)




“When we received the loan from Alterfin,
Tajikistan was suffering from a major
economic crisis. Certain funders left, and
Alterfin arrived just at the right time to
enable us to keep going without worry. Also we couldn’t find a viable alternative for our financing. After we received the loan from Alterfin, other investors followed.”

(Furuz, Tajikistan)




“We have succeeded in attracting two new
clients in the eurozone because, thanks to
the Alterfin loan, we were able to fulfil their
expectations efficiently.”

(Phyma, Kenya)



“Alterfin has made us more attractive to
other lenders.”

(OXUS, Kyrgyzstan)


“With local banks, we sometimes received
the financing 3 or 4 months after the
beginning of the buying period, and we
had to purchase at a higher price. Thanks
to Alterfin, we can start the season on
time and purchase at an affordable price.”

(South Organic, Tunesia)

“Alterfin allows its loans to be repaid
gradually, offering a grace period of one
year for repayment of the capital which,
combined with six-monthly repayments
of the interest and capital, results in a
repayment schedule that is optimal for us.”

(Oxus, Kyrgyzstan)





“Alterfin has introduced us to buyers.”

(ECEG, Guatemala)



“Alterfin has been an ally in the development
and growth of our organisation.”

(Procaja, Panama)


“It is important for us to let you know that
without you, it would not have been possible
to make such rapid progress in such a short
time and that thanks to your support and
advice, we have been able to develop in the
best possible way.”

(Najil CAB, Mexico)

“The speed at which Alterfin approved the loan enabled us to plan and make orders with producer cooperatives a month before the beginning of the season. Since we received the correct amount quite early, we were able to aim for an increase in production of 50% and sales at the same level. A delay in obtaining funding would have forced the producers to sell their products to middlemen at lower prices.”

(Liza Coffee Washing Station Limited, Rwanda).

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