Alterfin is looking for an independent Board Member with legal background

Alterfin is a financial cooperative that contributes to improve the livelihood of thousands of families in Latin America, Africa and Asia by lending money to microfinance institutions (MFIs), smallholder farmer cooperatives and social enterprises engaged in the agriculture value chains. Alterfin gives a lot of importance to gender issues, to the social and environmental impact of its activities and promotes with its loans an alternative way of doing “business”. With a 30-FTE team, 6000+ shareholders and a EUR 93 million portfolio reaching 4.2 million end beneficiaries and their families, Alterfin is a unique organization in Belgium.

Alterfin is looking for an independent Board member. The Board is currently composed of 9 persons, 4 women and 5 men with different backgrounds. One of these Board Members is a legal expert and is at the end of her mandate. We are looking for a new Board member with legal background for the following reasons:

-          Most of the issues discussed at the Board have a legal component.

-          In principle, a lawyer has a legal reflex and ponders the question of law in all issues discussed at the Board.

-          A Board without a lawyer could miss a legal problem.

-          The lawyer in the Board does not necessarily have to solve the legal issues the Board faces but her/his role is to identify them so that the Board can decide whether an external legal opinion/assistance is required.


-          Good knowledge of corporate and association governance (company law/ ethics/conflict of interests’ rules/ board members liability).

-          Contract law.

-          Strong legal culture.

-          Openness to interactions between law and other dimensions such as ethics, human rights.

-          Fluency in English, as it is the working language of Alterfin, including in the Board.


-          North/south development problems (and solutions).

-          Agriculture and/or Microfinance; social economy.


-          Assist and participate actively to the Board meetings (5 times per year).

-          Prepare the meetings by reading the documents sent by the General Manager.

-          Contribute to increasing Alterfin’s network with personal and/or professional network.


If you want more information on the tasks and responsibilities of the Board of Alterfin, or wonder whether you would be a suitable candidate, please contact Klaartje Vandersypen, chair of the board of directors at 0473 93 23 49 or klaartje [dot] vandersypen [at] outlook [dot] com.

Please note that the mandate is not remunerated, in accordance with our bylaws.

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