Fair trade Coffee Financed by Alterfin at the Super Bowl

Death Wish, a company that imports coffee from various Alterfin partners, has been selected to broadcast a commercial during the Super Bowl, which with over 100 million viewers is a major event in American television.

It is not surprising if the name Death Wish means nothing to you: this young American company is still in its infancy. However, it succeeded in pulling off a real coup recently: it won the ‘Small Business Big Game’ competition, which had over 15,000 entries. This competition gives one small business the incredible opportunity to broadcast a commercial worth 5 million dollars during the final of the American football championship, the coveted Super Bowl. With over 100 million viewers, the broadcast of the event on February 7 had the second best audience in the history of US television.

Death Wish sources its fair trade organic coffee from Alterfin partners Comsa in Honduras and La Florida in Peru. This superb advertising coup will – hopefully – also benefit our partners: more sales for Death Wish could mean an increase in demand for coffee from our partners.

At Alterfin, we are especially delighted that the coffee produced by these cooperatives has been in the spotlight, as we were the first international investor to believe and invest in these two organisations. And those relationships have proved durable, because Alterfin continues to support these two cooperatives of small producers. They are thus exemplary projects which unite the three strands of Alterfin’s approach: pioneering, rural and sustainable.

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