Fopepro: A Special Latin America Fund

Fopepro, a European fund created in 2010, has been entirely managed by Alterfin since 1 January 2015.

Created in 2010 on the initiative of Alterfin and SIDI, a French social investment company, FOPEPRO is a fund designed to finance rural development (producer organisations and microfinance institutions) in Latin America.

Since 1 January 2015, Alterfin has been responsible for the overall management of the fund.

In connection with the assumption of duties relating to the administration of Fopepro, Julie Depelchin (Head of Accounting for Alterfin and Fopepro) and Mauricio Durán (Credit Manager for Latin America at Alterfin and Director of Fopepro) travelled in February to El Salvador, where the fund is based, to finalise the transfer of accounting management.

Julie and Mauricio also visited the MFIs Padecomscredito in El Salvador and Adel Ixcán in northern Guatemala, both of which are partners of Fopepro and Alterfin.

Fopepro in figures

Fopepro’s lending activities currently amount to USD 4.4 million, made available to 25 partners involved in rural microfinance (21%) and the production of agricultural products (79%) such as sugar cane, cocoa, coffee, Brazil nuts and quinoa.

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