A Message of Solidarity

As we experience an unprecedented global health pandemic, Alterfin remains true to its mission in a responsible manner. All members of our team now work from home and respect the containment rules issued by the authorities.

In these difficult times, I want to send you a message of solidarity on behalf of the whole team. Solidarity with all of you who have contracted COVID-19, solidarity with all of you who are part of the population at risk, solidarity with all medical personnel and with all those who continue to assume their responsibilities for the good functioning of our society. Solidarity with those who are confined to solitude and, finally, solidarity with all the poor, the forgotten of society who, again, will be most at risk.

Many governments in our developed countries have decided to use warlike language to refer to the current situation and to the measures taken by their administrations to counter the virus. This increase in style should not make us forget the essential, namely, asking the real basic question:

How long will we continue to favor short-term profits at the expense of well-being and social and environmental sustainability?

For 25 years, Alterfin has supported sustainable development and has offered to contribute to a network of united partners dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Now is not the time to give up, on the contrary.

The Alterfin team is working hard with our partners in the field to assess the impact of this crisis on their operations and to what extent we can help them. We actively dialogue with development agencies, financial institutions, non-governmental organizations as well as with our colleagues also investing in the impact sector in general or microfinance and agriculture more specifically. Our objective is to stimulate an exchange of information between responsible actors and to contribute to the implementation of common and viable solutions.

Since 1994, Alterfin has disbursed no less than half a billion euros on more than 300 partners, mostly rural microfinance institutions and small producer organizations. In 2019 alone, we disbursed 65 million euros with more than 60% directly on sustainable and family farming. In Belgium, Alterfin is the only cooperative that is directly involved in sustainable and family farming.

More than ever, our partners need our support because they allow millions of economically vulnerable families to keep their heads above water. The sustainable family farming that Alterfin has supported for 25 years is essential for the survival of these families but also for ensuring economic development that is responsible for the environment and society for all of us.

To continue our commitment to these partners, we need you and your long-term support.

You can also donate to our guarantee fund to support our weakest partners.

Together, we can respond and force change!

Thank you very much for your support,

Jean-Marc Debricon

General Manager

Donations to the Alterfin Guarantee Fund of EUR 40 or more per year made benefit from a tax reduction of 45% of the amount actually paid. If you would like to make a donation to the Alterfin Guarantee Fund, you can transfer your amount into the King Baudouin Foundation’s account: BE10 0000 0000 0404, quoting the following reference: 017/1880/00074.

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