Reforestation project in the Peruvian Amazon

In order to offset our CO2 emissions, Alterfin decided to continue financing the reforestation project being undertaken by one of its partners, the Acopagro cooperative in the San Martin region in the Peruvian Amazon. This project involves planting native trees within the producers’ cocoa plots in order to develop model agroforestry systems which will ensure the long-term future of cocoa crops.

As well as reducing the carbon impact, agroforestry brings many other benefits.The agroforestry systems make it possible to protect biodiversity. They also use little fertiliser, enabling farmers to increase the productivity of their operations while reducing the use of chemical products and fertilisers. Agroforestry has a positive economic and social impact by valorising the local economy and enabling local communities to reinforce their food sovereignty. Alterfin’s commitment for 2015 will make it possible to plant around 4,000 extra trees to add to the 4,000 trees planted the previous year.

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