Youth4Youth: initiating young people to sustainable and socially responsible finance

Alterfin wishes to raise awareness and initiate young people to sustainable and socially responsible finance. In this context, Alterfin launches “Youth4Youth”, a fundraising campaign specifically dedicated to young people in the North and benefiting young people in the South.

Enhance indigenous and ecological values

The Kalnemachtiloyan School, located in Cuetzalan in the Puebla region of Mexico, is an initiative of the Tosepan cooperative union. Alterfin supports this cooperative union through the financing of the Maseual cooperative. The latter markets spices (see box below) and coffee. The production is 100% organic. 758 smallholder farmers are member of the cooperative. Almost all of them are from indigenous origin and cultivate an average of one hectare. One-third of the producers are women.

The school, created in 2006, welcomes children of farmers aged 6 to 18. It pays special attention to indigenous identity and teaches in Nahuatl (akin to the Aztec languages) and Spanish. The Kalnemachtiloyan school preserves the cultural wealth of this population. The school teaches children, among other things, to become deeply attached to nature in order to take better care of it. Among the school's projects is the establishment of a vegetable garden to raise awareness and educate students about sustainable agriculture.

Youth4Youth campaign

As part of the Youth4Youth campaign, Alterfin is offering young people in Belgium the opportunity to subscribe shares and to invest their money in a sustainable way. You too can initiate young people who are dear to you by suggesting them to subscribe to shares or by buying for them this solidarity gift. For each minor who becomes a co-op member of Alterfin, the Alterfin Guarantee Fund will offer 5 euros to the Kalnemachtiloyan school for funding the garden. Minors who are already co-operators of Alterfin can also participate in this campaign by subscribing to at least 10 new shares (625 euros). The Youth4Youth campaign lasts until the end of 2018. Subscriptions must be done with the agreement of the legal representative of the minor.

Finance a school vegetable garden

Through the vegetable garden, students multiply the experiences: going out of the classroom and working the land together, looking for the insects that live there, sow and harvest, and so on. The vegetable garden provides fresh vegetables, without pesticides, which form a healthy breakfast for children. A vegetable garden is also a fantastic educational project to address the theme of sustainable food and where many subjects can be taught: science, mathematics, technology, etc. By subscribing to Alterfin shares, the young people contribute to this project, but also to all projects financed by Alterfin in the long term.

How to participate?

1 Fill in the details of the young person in the application form.

2 Pay the amount of your choice (62.50 euros per share for individuals) to the Alterfin account BE85 5230 4527 2706.

3 After receiving the payment, the youngster receives an extract from the register of co-op members in two copies as proof of his participation in the capital of Alterfin. The extract is accompanied by a Youth4Youth certificate.

4 A legal representative of the minor returns one extract signed for acceptance of the subscription.

5 The Alterfin Guarantee Fund offers 5 euros to Kalnemachtiloyan for its vegetable garden.

certificat youth4youth

Allspice: a ‘mild' spice for the environment

Jamaican pepper (Pimenta dioica) is a tree that grows in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Its berries, called allspice, develop aromas of ginger, clove, nutmeg and cinnamon. This pepper is a non-timber forest product, a product that does not require logging, which makes it very ‘mild’ for the environment.

Largely dominated by black pepper, its consumption remains limited worldwide. It forms a basic ingredient in West Indies cuisine and is also used in Middle Eastern countries to season stews. Finally, Eugenol, an essential oil extracted from allspice, is used by the pharmaceutical industry to make anesthetics and by the cosmetics industry as a binder for perfumes.

In Mexico, allspice is mainly produced by small indigenous producers, such as those of the Maseual cooperative, for whom it is a major source of income.

Consult the note

Investing in shares entails certain risks: partial or total loss of your investment, risk related to credits granted to organizations in developing countries, exit conditions (exit only possible during the first six months of the year for individuals; during the first three months for institutional investors), etc. 

No fees or taxes applicable when entering or leaving. The risks are described in the information note available in French or Dutch.

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