Social performance : 82,012 families benefiting in the South

Alterfin directly benefits 82,012 families in the South with its financing. It focuses on women, who are over-represented among the poorest, and on rural areas, where financial exclusion is the greatest. Giving thousands of people the opportunity to launch or improve a business and thus build a better future is an invaluable social return. Making a difference for thousands of people in the South is Alterfin's raison d'être . To ensure that Alterfin really does make a difference in this way, we conduct a survey of our partners in the South every year, in which we scrutinise a list of social

Major Agricultural Lenders Adopt Shared Social and Environmental Principles

NAIROBI, Kenya, February 6, 2017 — Members of the Council on Smallholder Agricultural Finance (CSAF) announced at their regional meeting that they have formally adopted a set of jointly developed environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles . These principles apply across the nine members’ loan portfolios, which in 2015 encompassed $597 million to 672 businesses purchasing crops and providing services to two million smallholder farmers in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The ratification of these guiding principles is part of CSAF’s broader mission to promote responsible lending

Microloans for the rural poor in West Africa

PAMF ('Première Agence de Microfinance') is based in Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast. Funded by Alterfin’s investments, the institution is growing year by year. Today it is reaching more people who are excluded from access to financial services, mainly in rural areas. The microfinance institution (MFI) PAMF opened in Burkina Faso in 2006. Ivory Coast followed two years later. Since 2014, Alterfin has funded the MFI, enabling it to grow. Today, PAMF has some ten branches and more than 30,000 customers across the two countries. An MFI with a rural presence PAMF’s customers are mainly located in

Survey: Alterfin members delighted with their investment

Near 500 members participated in the satisfaction survey we ran in September. Here is a compilation of the main findings. In the last edition of Alterfin Info , we invited our co-op members to participate in our satisfaction survey. Near 500 members responded to this invitation. The information gathered will guide us in our future decisions and also gives us a better understanding of our members. ‘Ethical’ investors The vast majority of our members (84%) say that they are mainly attracted by the ‘ethical and sustainable’ aspect of Alterfin shares. The social and financial returns are in now also mobile-friendly

Our website has been adapted to mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.). From now on, you can read our news or consult partners' pages easily from your mobile device.

More local staff in Latin America

Over the past few months, Alterfin has hired two freelance credit managers, Nilton Meza Pastrana (left) and Flavio Ralde Laguna (right) who live in Peru and Bolivia respectively. They follow up partners in their region and also seek new partners. In addition, our former colleague Bernard Ornilla has rejoined the Alterfin team and manages our partners in Central America from his new home in Honduras. Finally, the selection process for our two new credit managers for Africa and Asia is drawing to a close. We will announce the names of our new colleagues in our next newsletter.

Sustainable agriculture to fight poverty

Family agriculture makes a significant contribution towards eradicating hunger and poverty, improving food security, nutrition and livelihoods, managing natural resources, protecting the environment and ensuring sustainable development, especially in rural areas. For these reasons, Alterfin is also committed to financing sustainable family agriculture. Over two billion of the poorest people on the planet depend on agriculture as a means of subsistence. However, as long as the terms of trade in the small-scale agriculture sector are unfavourable to them, smallholders will remain the poorest.

Alterfin capital: + EUR 2.2 million!

The Alterfin share capital increased again between June and August 2016 by EUR 2.2 million, thanks to the distribution of the dividend. A total of 1,203 shareholders decided to invest in new shares and 1,491 Oxfam gift vouchers were distributed. As at 31 August 2016, the Alterfin share capital stood at EUR 55.7 million.

'Superfoods' arrive at Alterfin

Tara, chia, quinoa and more. These 'superfoods' are famous for their excellent nutritional value. In the past few years, Alterfin has expanded its range of agricultural products and started financing these superfoods. Let's take a quick tour of our financing rich in protein and amino acids. Alterfin finances 19 agricultural products. Although coffee and cocoa remain the most financed products, new items are being added to the basket. These newcomers include many 'superfoods', such as quinoa, chia, tara or different types of nuts. Quinoa is shooting up Alterfin has been financing quinoa from

Alterfin teams up with ImpactAssets

In February 2016, Alterfin began collaborating with the social fund, ImpactAssets. This American fund aims to invest in projects with social, environmental and financial return. ImpactAssets has made the sum of USD 6.3 million available to Alterfin to finance partners active in agriculture. To date, USD 4 million have already been disbursed. ImpactAssets undertakes two types of financing: working capital to finance a crop year (maximum loan period of one year) and investment loans for long-term projects such as the purchase of a building, large equipment, etc. (loan period between three and