More local staff in Latin America

Over the past few months, Alterfin has hired two freelance credit managers, Nilton Meza Pastrana (left) and Flavio Ralde Laguna (right) who live in Peru and Bolivia respectively. They follow up partners in their region and also seek new partners. In addition, our former colleague Bernard Ornilla has rejoined the Alterfin team and manages our partners in Central America from his new home in Honduras. Finally, the selection process for our two new credit managers for Africa and Asia is drawing to a close. We will announce the names of our new colleagues in our next newsletter.

Sustainable agriculture to fight poverty

Family agriculture makes a significant contribution towards eradicating hunger and poverty, improving food security, nutrition and livelihoods, managing natural resources, protecting the environment and ensuring sustainable development, especially in rural areas. For these reasons, Alterfin is also committed to financing sustainable family agriculture. Over two billion of the poorest people on the planet depend on agriculture as a means of subsistence. However, as long as the terms of trade in the small-scale agriculture sector are unfavourable to them, smallholders will remain the poorest.

Alterfin capital: + EUR 2.2 million!

The Alterfin share capital increased again between June and August 2016 by EUR 2.2 million, thanks to the distribution of the dividend. A total of 1,203 shareholders decided to invest in new shares and 1,491 Oxfam gift vouchers were distributed. As at 31 August 2016, the Alterfin share capital stood at EUR 55.7 million.

'Superfoods' arrive at Alterfin

Tara, chia, quinoa and more. These 'superfoods' are famous for their excellent nutritional value. In the past few years, Alterfin has expanded its range of agricultural products and started financing these superfoods. Let's take a quick tour of our financing rich in protein and amino acids. Alterfin finances 19 agricultural products. Although coffee and cocoa remain the most financed products, new items are being added to the basket. These newcomers include many 'superfoods', such as quinoa, chia, tara or different types of nuts. Quinoa is shooting up Alterfin has been financing quinoa from

Alterfin teams up with ImpactAssets

In February 2016, Alterfin began collaborating with the social fund, ImpactAssets. This American fund aims to invest in projects with social, environmental and financial return. ImpactAssets has made the sum of USD 6.3 million available to Alterfin to finance partners active in agriculture. To date, USD 4 million have already been disbursed. ImpactAssets undertakes two types of financing: working capital to finance a crop year (maximum loan period of one year) and investment loans for long-term projects such as the purchase of a building, large equipment, etc. (loan period between three and

Agricultural Lenders Report Nearly $600 Million in Credit to Businesses Reaching Two Million Small-Scale Farmers

Lending grows by over 70% since 2013, yet agriculturalSMEs face ongoing challenges and risks Nairobi, Kenya – Members of the Council on Smallholder Agricultural Finance (CSAF) today announced in their Year in Review report that they provided $597 million in loans to 672 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) during 2015. This financing helped to fuel an estimated $3.7 billion in combined annual revenue among these businesses, which connect more than 2.1 million smallholder farmers—over one-third of whom are women—to domestic and international markets. CSAF is an alliance of nine leading

The Council on Smallholder Agricultural Finance hosts “State of the Sector” webinar on June 30, 2016

The Council on Smallholder Agricultural Finance (CSAF) will be hosting a “State of the Sector” webinar on Thursday, June 30, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. EDT / 16:00 CEST. The discussion will feature data and insights on the evolving credit market for agricultural SMEs, including: Growth and risk trends from 2015 Market outlook for 2016 and beyond What’s needed to grow the sector and expand impact Q&A Featured participants include: Brian Milder , Executive Vice President, Root Capital (Representing CSAF) Blaine Stephens , Chief Operating Officer, MIX (Data Partner) Carina Torres , Agriculture

When the South partners go green: panorama of environmental initiatives

There can be no talk of sustainability without thinking about environmental sustainability. Climate change is affecting our planet and the problems this brings are numerous. Solutions do exist and some local initiatives are flourishing. This is the green side of the Force! Financing sustainable agriculture Agriculture is a sector greatly affected by climate change. Alterfin is investing EUR 24 million in 59 partners who work in sustainable agriculture. In total, over 100,000 small farmers and producers are financed across the world. Together, they cultivate 420,000 hectares of land

Belgian social impact fund Kampani makes its first investment

The largest union of coffee cooperatives in Burundi has just opened its own processing plant inside the country. This has been made possible with Belgian funding, specifically an investment of 214,000 dollars by Kampani, an investment fund. This is the first investment for Kampani, which was set up last year by the King Baudouin Foundation, Vredeseilanden, Trias, Alterfin, SIDI, Louvain Cooperation, Boerenbond and other organisations. Kampani is a so-called social impact investment fund, whose aim is to encourage entrepreneurship in agriculture. Focused on Africa, Asia and Latin America,

Take part in Alterfin's development

In its efforts to improve its functioning, Alterfin’s Board of Directors is looking for two new board members . Find the profiles we are looking for below. The Board of Directors also wishes to compose a network of external experts . This network will consist of people wanting to share ad hoc and on a voluntary basis their expertise. The desired fields of expertise are vast: human resources, IT, back office, marketing, law, finance, networking, etc. Want to enhance Altefin with your knowledge? Send us your contact information and your field(s) of expertise at candidates [at] alterfin [dot] be