When microcredit goes mobile

How can people gain access to credit when they live in remote areas of the country where no microfinance institutions (MFI) wish to set up a branch because the costs are too high? And for those living in urban areas, how do they avoid the long queues in a bank, only to be told that they are not considered creditworthy or that they will need to come back with additional documents? Is there a way of facilitating access to credit for these people who need financial resources in order to build a better future for themselves? Musoni, an MFI set up in Kenya in 2010, has the answer to all these

Alterfin Selected for the ImpactAssets 50

Impact Investing Showcase Features Fund Managers that Deliver Social, Environmental and Financial Returns Alterfin has been selected for the ImpactAssets 50 2015 (IA 50), a free, publically available online resource for impact investors and their advisors. The IA 50, now in its fifth year, is the first publically available database of private debt and equity impact investment fund managers. The objective of Alterfin is to help build a financial network that is accessible to groups of socially and economically disadvantaged people in developing countries who rarely have access to financial

Fefisol, a fund dedicated to Africa

The European Solidarity Financing Fund for Africa (Fefisol) was established in 2011 as the fruit of collaboration between Alterfin, a partner organization in France for international solidarity in development and investment, Sidi (Solidarité Internationale pour le Développement et l’Investissment) and Etimos (an Italian cooperative investment company). Although the capital of Fefisol mainly originates from private and public investors, including the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the French Development Fund, the three founding organizations are also co-owners of the fund. In operational

2014 dividend

Early in June this year, we sent a letter to all cooperative investors in Alterfin (with the exception of new investors for 2015). This letter included an extract from the calculation of the 2014 dividend, together with a reply form. If you have yet to return this form, we would ask you to do so. Further to this letter, new investments committed between 1 st June and 1 st August represent a capital growth of 1,150,625 euros. Thank you all for your support.

20 years of service to Africa

The African portfolio of Alterfin has a specific character: more small loans are conferred and more final clients affected than in other regions. Since its establishment in 1994, Alterfin has supported microfinance institutions (MFIs) on the African continent. In the early years, Alterfin mainly provided technical assistance, for example for the CSFS (Collective Self Financing Scheme), in Zimbabwe. The key concern was the provision of technical support in the interests of financial viability. At that time, MFIs represented an attempt to eliminate dependence upon subsidies or grants. This

14th Fair Trade Week

At Alterfin, fair trade products are supported in the field and “consumed” in the office. Fair trade will once again be highlighted in Belgium during “Fair Trade Week”, which runs from 7 th to 17 th October. In many locations throughout the country, initiatives are in progress to raise awareness of fair trade among the maximum possible number of persons. Each of us can make the difference to large numbers of peasant farmers in the South, for example by choosing ethically-produced coffee, chocolate, fruit juice, bananas or even clothing. It should be borne in mind that every consumer choice

Subscribe to shares by 18th October to receive Oxfam gift vouchers

Subscribe to Alterfin shares during “fair trade” week, and you will receive a gift voucher to the value of 5 euros per block of 1,250 euros invested (20 shares), which can be redeemed in any Oxfam shop in Belgium. N.B.: payment must reach our account IBAN: BE85 5230 4527 2706 (BIC: TRIO BE BB) before the 18 th of October 2015 . Shares must be subscribed in the name of an individual cooperative investor. Potential investors must consult the prospectus before reaching any investment decision . The prospectus (approved on 04/11/2014) is available on or from the registered office

Shea : new fair trade product financed by Alterfin

As announced in the last Alterfin Info, Alterfin has recently become involved in the financing of shea, a typically African product. StarShea is a fine example of an African partner active in the fair trade sector. In June 2015, shea butter joined the menu of fair trade products financed by Alterfin. This product comes to us from northern Ghana, where the shea tree is also described as “the tree of life”. In this case, life takes the form of nuts – shea nuts which are picked by the local women, then washed, crushed and roasted to produce shea butter. This feminine expertise is handed down

Testimonial of José Luis, client of FDL

José Luis is a customer of the Nicaraguan microfinance institution FDL. He grows maize and beans. ‘As farmers, we are dependent on external factors such as the climate and the market. This year we experienced a particularly short rainy season which put us in a difficult situation. Fortunately, FDL understands these issues and adapts to the situation. With the loan of 400 dollars that I received, I can buy fertiliser and take care of my family. There are people who live in extreme poverty, but fortunately, thanks to loans from FDL, we can live in dignity and continue our farming activities.’