Portfolio managed by Alterfin for other organizations
Portfolio managed by Alterfin for other organizations

Portfolio managed for other organizations

Alterfin made the strategic decision to use its expertise to develop and monitor portfolios for other organizations in 2005.  The development of this activity allows Alterfin to leverage additional funds for its partners and to secure new income sources through the payment of administrative and monitoring fees.

In January 2015, the King Baudouin Foundation, Boerenbond, NGOs, Alterfin and some private investors created the social impact investment fund Kampani. It invests in businesses of producer organisations of smallholder farmers located in Africa, Latin America and Asia.  It aims at financing needs that are too large for microfinancing, and too small for traditional investment funds.

What makes Kampani special is that it provides long term financing by entering the capital structure (equity or quasi equity).

Alterfin is Kampani’s portfolio manager. Kampani started its operations in 2015.

For further information: www.kampani.org



Fefisol, an innovative fund for rural Africa

In 2008, Alterfin in collaboration with SIDI and Etimos (a social investment company based in Italy), began setting up Fefisol, a fund entirely dedicated to Africa. The fund has been operational since September 2011.

Alterfin’s activities in Africa are now mostly being developed through this fund. Equity investments, investments in local currency and investments requiring technical assistance are first presented to Fefisol. Fefisol funds can also be used to increase funding in cases where Alterfin cannot take any additional risks.

Alterfin is a Board member of the fund and follows up partners of the fund Alterfin proposes. The general management of the fund rests with SIDI.

The development of the fund is on track. 

Fefisol is funded by:

Alterfin                  Sidi                 Etimos           Banque Européenne d'Investissement            Fondation Caritas                       

Développement International Desjardins             Crédit Coopératif                Norwegian Microfinance Initiative                                

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In 2016, Alterfin started a collaboration with NourriTerre, a financing program launched by Quadia, a regulated investment manager in Switzerland specialized in social and environmental finance.

NourriTerre is a financing program which supports entrepreneurs in the agro-food sector demonstrating a clear alignment to the principles of organic and sustainable agriculture. By reinforcing the production, transformation and distribution of healthy, local and organic food, NourriTerre contributes to create an innovative, fairer and sustainable economic model able to feed people while taking care of the Earth.

In February 2016, Alterfin began collaborating with the social fund, ImpactAssets. This American fund aims to invest in projects with social, environmental and financial return.

ImpactAssets undertakes two types of financing: working capital to finance a crop year (maximum loan period of one year) and investment loans for long-term projects such as the purchase of a building, large equipment, etc. (loan period between three and five years).