Subscribe to Alterfin shares and make the difference for thousand farmers in the South!
Subscribe to Alterfin shares and make the difference for thousand farmers in the South!

Subscribe to Alterfin Shares

...and make the difference for thousands of farmers in the South

Alterfin is a Belgian cooperative company founded in 1994. All people who subscribe to Alterfin shares become co-owners of our cooperative. Today more than 6,000 people have already decided to invest their money in this ethical and sustainable way! Thanks to the financial support of our co-op members, we create better future prospects for 3.7 million vulnerable families  in Africa, Asia and Central America. 

You don't have to pay huge amounts to support our projects. 
As a private individual, a share will cost you  62.50 euros , as a legal entity that is  250 euros . 
And we assure you: every euro counts and makes the difference! 

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When you subscribe to Alterfin shares, you are entitled to the following financial benefits:

  • a tax reduction of 5% from 7 shares
  • an annual dividend (under certain conditions)
  • an exemption and / or a reduced withholding tax on the dividend


In addition to the financial return on your shares, we guarantee you a  social return  on every invested euro. The capital of our 6,000 partners directly  improves living conditions  for 3.7 million vulnerable families around the world. If you become a partner too, we can support even more people in the future. Together we really make a difference! 

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Would you like to read more about Alterfin before investing? 
Consult the following pages:

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Investing in the Shares involves certain risks. An investor is exposed to the risk of losing all or part of its investment. The investor could purchase a product that is not simple and may be difficult to understand. Each of these risk factors must be carefully studied and assessed before investing in the Shares, especially: 

- The Shares are registered (nominatives) and there is no market on which the Shares can be traded. Although it is possible for a shareholder to withdraw and transfer the Shares, this causes a limited liquidity.
- In the case a shareholder wants to exit or transfer the Shares, he/she will only be repaid at the maximum of the nominal value of the Shares.
Before subscribing for cooperative shares, potential investors should carefully read the 2022 prospectus, which contains a description of the offer and risk factors, as well as the key information document about the investment product.