Advantages and conditions
Advantages and conditions

Advantages and conditions


Every associate is entitled to an annual dividend (participation in the profits) as far as the General Assembly decides to pay out a dividend. The dividend is the annual financial compensation for your participation in Alterfin.

If there are profits, these are distributed as follows. At least 5% of the profits are reserved (statutory requirement). Furthermore it is possible to pay out up to maximum 6% of dividend (art. 6 of the Royal Decree of 8 January 1962). The first portion of 190 euros - per shareholder - of income from capital invested in cooperative societies is exempt from withholding tax (for Belgian taxpayers).

As a consequence of the social objective of Alterfin we do not strive for excessive profits. Still Alterfin want to develop its financing activities according to a sound logic of business economics. We are convinced that this is the best approach to contribute to the development of a financial network in the South. 

Tax reduction for Belgian taxpayers

The tax reduction amounts to 5% of the total payments made in the year by an individual to development funds. Every year, you can declare your new investments and benefit from a tax return.

Concretely, if you subscribe in 2019 for example to 96 Alterfin shares (6,000 euros), you will be benefit of a tax reduction of 300 euros for the 2020 taxation year (over the revenue of 2019).

Certain conditions must be met:

  • the payments must reach at least 437.50 euros in 2018 (or 7 shares of 62.5 euros).
  • the tax reduction is capped at 320 euros in 2018 (for an investment of 6437.50 euros).
  • the shares must remain in possession of the applicant for a continuous period of at least 5 years (except in case of death).
  • the shares are registered under the name of a individual.