Hugo Couderé

Senior Adviser
+32 (0)2 896 49 51
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Hugo Couderé holds a Ph. D. in Applied Economics and has been working on rural development since 1980. He specialised in the field of rural finance and, since 1992, in microfinance and agricultural value chain finance. He has more than 4 years working experience in Africa and has been conducting short term assignments in Africa, Asia and Latin-America. He has been teaching Development Management and Microfinance for seven years at IDPM - University of Antwerp. In 1995 he started Alterfin and has been its Managing Director until 2013 when he became Senior Advisor for the same company. He has board-level experience in three microfinance institutions in Asia and Africa and is Director of Fefisol, an investment fund for Africa.
Doctorate in development economics from the University of Antwerp and master’s in applied economics from the University of Antwerp.
Hugo speaks fluent Dutch, French, English and Spanish.
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