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Alterfin is a Belgian social investor that, since 1994, raises capital to invest it in developing countries via microfinance institutions and organisations active in agriculture. 

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welcome to alterfin


Time to shine a light on a position that is essential for us to carry out our missions: the job of Investment Manager. Our Investment Managers ...
‘Give more value to your money’: this is the message given by Alterfin for those who wish to invest their money ethically. But in what way do ...
Once the capital has been raised, it needs to be invested into sustainable projects according to the sustainable development objectives set up by the ...
Tara, chia, quinoa and more. These 'superfoods' are famous for their excellent nutritional value. In the past few years, Alterfin has expanded its ...
ANNUAL CO2 EMISSIONS PER FULL-TIME EQUIVALENT EMPLOYEE The environmental awareness of our cooperative is reflected even in its day-to-day practices. ...

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  • 82 million euros invested over 165 partners in 35 countries
  • 66 million euros capital brought by over 6.144 co-op members
  • Alterfin reaches 3.673.315 people and their families in the South
  • 30% of the people reached live in rural areas
  • 68% of the people reached are women

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