Connexions in the North
Connexions in the North

Connexions in the North

Through numerous collaborations, Alterfin tries to boost its efficiency. Here is a brief introduction to our partners in the North.

The French SIDI or 'Solidarité Internationale pour le Développement et l'Investissement' specializes in providing financial and technical support to local savings and credit organisations in the South. SIDI is a shareholder of Alterfin and Alterfin vice versa holds shares of SIDI. Both organisations substantially work together; among other things they have set up various joint actions vis-à-vis partners in the South.

Oxfam Solidarity is a belgian NGO that supports development projects. In order to build another type of globalisation, Oxfam Solidarity cooperates with partners in more than 35 Southern countries. These partners work for real social changes, and fight against poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, exploitation and exclusion. Daily involved among their populations, they try to improve the living and working conditions for a better future. Oxfam Solidarity is a major shareholder of Alterfin.

Oxfam Wereldwinkels (Oxfam-World Shops) is a fair trade organisation in Flanders. Les Magasins du Monde Oxfam is its the Walloon counterpartOver 200 local shops sell food products from fair trade producers in the South and are engaged in educational and political activities. Oxfam Wereldwinkels is a founding shareholder of Alterfin. Oxfam Wereldwinkels is in charge of importing the food products, while the Magasins du monde Oxfam imports the handicrafts. Both entities are shareholder of Alterfin.

SOS Faim is a non-governmental organization founded in 1964 in response to an incitation by the FAO (The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization). SOS FAIM is active both in the developing and in the industrialised coutries. In the former, its objective is to raise the capacity of rural populations to improve their living standards and to better control their own future. In the latter, through information programs, it works towards raising the awareness level of the public about the problems and predicaments of those populations.As a result of the importance of microfinance in SOS Faim’s program, the NGO became shareholder as well as a basic partner of Alterfin. SOS Faim is also seating Alterfin’s credit committee and Board of Directors. SOS Faim Luxembourg is also shareholder of Alterfin.

FairFin is one of the first organizations in Flanders that has developed its activities around the subject: “act differently with money”. FairFin is shareholder of Alterfin.

BIOthe Belgian Investment Company for Developing Countries was created in December 2001 as a public-private partnership between the Belgian Government - through the Department of Development Cooperation - and the Belgian International Investment Corporation. BIO supports private sector development in developing countries, by providing long-term financing to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises at market conditions and in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner. BIO is a coop-member of Alterfin since 2003.

Rikolto (ex-Vredeseilanden/VECO) is active within Sustainable Agricultural Chain Development. Their aim is to enable organizations of smallholder family farmers to successfully participate within sustainable value chains. Rikolto invests in the capabilities of these organizations and their members to become strong collective business organizations, while linking up these organizations with other chains actors like processors, traders, retailers, consumers… They also invest in connecting these farmer organizations with higher level farmer organizations and support these in their advocacy work towards governments and private actors to create an institutional environment that enables the position of smallholder family farmers within sustainable agricultural chains. Through 8 regional offices they support chain development programmes in Africa, Asia and Latin-America.

BRS supports saving, credit and insurance initiatives in Third World countries. BRS is a shareholder of Alterfin.

Protos' goals is to work on a better world for the underprivileged people in the area of water. Protos is shareholder of Alterfin.

Action Damien works towards a world without diseases like leprosy and tuberculosis and mountain leprosy. Action Damien is a shareholder of Alterfin.

Entraide et Fraternité (English translation: Mutual Aid and Fraternity) is a Catholic NGO of development cooperation. It supports annualy nearly 150 development actions in thirty countries of the Third World. Entraide et Fraternité is a shareholder of Alterfin.

Crédal is a Belgian cooperative that offers loans and advice to different actors: social enterprises, entrepreneurs of very small business and low-income individuals. Crédal also offers (micro) credit for launch and development, as well as monitoring for individuals excluded from bank credits. Crédal is a shareholder of Alterfin.

In February 2016, Alterfin began collaborating with the social fund, ImpactAssets. This American fund aims to invest in projects with social, environmental and financial return.

ImpactAssets undertakes two types of financing: working capital to finance a crop year (maximum loan period of one year) and investment loans for long-term projects such as the purchase of a building, large equipment, etc. (loan period between three and five years).