Vacancy: Legal & Compliance Officer (M/F/X)

About Alterfin Alterfin is a cooperative company that aims to promote sustainable development and improve living conditions of socially and economically deprived people and communities worldwide by financing microfinance and sustainable agriculture in low and low middle income countries. The Alterfin team consists of 23 employees and 7 external consultants working in different countries. You will report to the Legal & Compliance Manager; together, you will form Alterfin's Legal and Compliance Team. About the position As Alterfin's Legal and Compliance Officer, you are the first point of

Fiscal Advantage - Renewal of Recognition as a Development Fund

Since 2010, Alterfin is as a Development Fund in Microfinance recognised by the Belgian Ministry of Finance. Since then, anyone investing in Alterfin's shares and meeting the conditions has enjoyed a capped 5% tax reduction . This approval was given for a period of five years. We received confirmation of the renewal of this agreement for Alterfin until 2024. The tax benefit for our members has thus also been extended until 2024 . In practical terms, this represents a financial advantage for our members (who satisfy the conditions). Above all, though, it means more resources for Alterfin,

A message of solidarity

As we experience an unprecedented global health pandemic, Alterfin remains true to its mission in a responsible manner. All members of our team now work from home and respect the containment rules issued by the authorities. In these difficult times, I want to send you a message of solidarity on behalf of the whole team. Solidarity with all of you who have contracted COVID-19, solidarity with all of you who are part of the population at risk, solidarity with all medical personnel and with all those who continue to assume their responsibilities for the good functioning of our society.

Canaan: mission accomplished!

The evolving relationship between Alterfin and Canaan is a perfect example of what Alterfin has been trying to achieve for the past 25 years: making the difference for organisations involved with small farmers by providing them with adequate funding for their development when local sources of financing are beyond their reach. Then Alterfin coaches them throughout the process, playing the role of a catalyst so that in time they will no longer need our support. Canaan, a fair trade olive oil processing and export company located in Palestine, was founded in 2004 by anthropologist Dr Nasser

FDL and Alterfin, a partnership lasting more than 20 years

It is time to turn the spotlight on a partnership especially close to our hearts. Beyond the financial investment, it is an investment that typifies Alterfin’s values in its constant search for partnerships that make sense in a society where humanity is increasingly factored out of the equation. Alterfin insists on emphasising its principles and strong commitments through its financing projects, so it is a pleasure for us to return to the story of a rich and eventful partnership that has lasted for more than 20 years. The Fondo para el Desarrollo Local (Fund for Local Development) or FDL, a

Testimonial : From Mines to Mangoes thanks to Microcredits

Getting married should be a joyous occasion for a young couple. But for Ma Thi Thi Cho and her husband U Phoe Htaw, the moment was bittersweet. All the newlyweds had to their name was a small, thatched bamboo house and they could see their earnings from seasonal farm work would never be enough to support a young family. It wasn’t long before U Phoe Htaw decided he had to leave his wife in Shwe Bone Thar, a Pa’O village in Shan State, to look for work in the notorious jade mines of Hpakant, hundreds of kilometers to the north. Ma Thi Thi Cho knew that it would be difficult to raise a family

Alterfin is moving !

As of May 1 st 2019 our new addresses are: Registered office: rue de la Charité 22 1210 Brussels Belgium For letters, deliveries and visits, please use following address: avenue des Arts 7-8 1210 Brussels Belgium

Alterfin is looking for two Board members

Alterfin is a financial cooperative that contributes to improve the livelihood of thousands of families in Latin America, Africa and Asia by lending money to microfinance institutions (MFIs), farmer cooperatives and social enterprises engaged in the agriculture value chains. With 28 staff members, 6,000 shareholders and a EUR 90 million portfolio reaching 100,000 families, Alterfin is a very unique organisation in Belgium. Alterfin is looking for two persons to have an active seat in its Board of Directors. The Board is currently composed of 8 persons. English is the working language. In

Alterfin Invests in Musoni Services, an Innovative Microfinance Software Company

Alterfin has announced an equity investment into Musoni Services, the award-winning microfinance software company. The funds will be used to support the company’s continued rapid growth and drive expansion into new markets. Alterfin was joined in the investment round by a number of Musoni’s existing shareholders. Musoni provides its innovative banking system to microfinance institutions in emerging markets, helping them to leverage technology and improve efficiency. By using Musoni, microfinance institutions are better able to extend financial services to un(der)banked individuals in emerging

Youth4Youth: initiating young people to sustainable and socially responsible finance

Alterfin wishes to raise awareness and initiate young people to sustainable and socially responsible finance. In this context, Alterfin launches “Youth4Youth”, a fundraising campaign specifically dedicated to young people in the North and benefiting young people in the South. Enhance indigenous and ecological values The Kalnemachtiloyan School, located in Cuetzalan in the Puebla region of Mexico, is an initiative of the Tosepan cooperative union. Alterfin supports this cooperative union through the financing of the Maseual cooperative. The latter markets spices (see box below) and coffee. The