Alterfin is 20!

Alterfin was officially established twenty years ago, on 16 November 1994. And since the past should provide guidance for the future, as they say, throughout the coming year we will be devoting as many articles as possible to the history of our cooperative.  

Alterfin, a Belgian success story

How did our cooperative, a pioneer in Belgium in the field of aid for developing countries, start up in the first place, and how did it tackle its mission? How did it finance its first partners before going on to support over a hundred today? How did it manage to attract more than 4,500 shareholders, bringing in capital of over EUR 40 million? How has it evolved during the past 20 years? Alterfin, the success story: that’s what we propose to reveal to you in the course of its 20th year.

Thank you

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed, from near or far, towards shaping Alterfin to become what it is today: the Alterfin founding fathers, its staff, members of the Board of Directors and the credit committee, and its partners in the North and the South, not forgetting, of course, its many shareholders.

Many thanks to everyone!

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