How Do Alterfin Shares Add Value?

‘Give more value to your money’: this is the message given by Alterfin for those who wish to invest their money ethically. But in what way do Alterfin shares add value?

Alterfin currently deploys EUR 98 million of capital from more than 6,000 co-op members in Belgium. This capital is invested in microfinance and sustainable agriculture – two sectors that contribute to sustainable development for socially and economically disadvantaged communities in the South by giving them access to fair financial services.

An investment that is above all ethical

With the investments it makes in the South, Alterfin directly facilitates such access for 92,000 people and their families and, indirectly, for 3.7 million people. Alterfin reaches out mostly women (60%) and people living in rural areas (64%).

For Alterfin, growing capital means providing greater access to fair financial services for more disadvantaged communities in the South and allowing them to become financially and socially sustainable whilst preserving the environment.

By investing in Alterfin, you are therefore directly helping tens of thousands of farmers and small producers in the South. Whilst they are traditionally let down by the banking sector, these communities now have a chance to take control of their future and improve their quality of life. This is how Alterfin shares add value: the social return is the most important form of return enjoyed by Alterfin members.

10 good reasons to invest in Alterfin:

1. Alterfin, more than 25 years of expertise

Alterfin has been investing since 1994 in creating opportunities for vulnerable people in developing countries. Thanks to the expertise accumulated over the years, we have the capacity to identify and sustainably support organizations with strong social and environmental potential, which are neglected by traditional investors because they are considered too small or too risky. This experience also allows us to offer them the services best suited to their needs.

2. Our cooperative goes where others don't!

Four out of five people living below the poverty line live in rural areas, which is why our action focuses specifically on these regions. As a pioneer of "impact investment", Alterfin goes where the financial needs are greatest. We find the organisations that do the most to remedy these conditions and we support them so that they can do even more. Your money thus benefits more than 3.7 million families around the world, nearly 60% of which live in rural areas.

3. A 100% sustainable investment 

Sustainability is part of Alterfin's DNA and is therefore at the heart of all our activities. We only select partners with a strong social and ecological commitment. This commitment is confirmed by the Finance Solidaire label, which guarantees the ethical and solidarity aspect of your investment.

4. An investment with a multiplier effect         

Unlike a donation, which only provides assistance once, your investment in the form of shares is constantly put at the service of our beneficiaries. As soon as one of our partners repays a loan, the money is reused to support another organization. For example, your contribution can be used one year to finance honey producers in Mexico, and the following year to support a microfinance institution in Cambodia. The impact of your investment is therefore multiplied endlessly!

5. An investment accessible to all

You don't have to pay huge sums to start supporting our projects: a share costs 62.50 euros for individuals and 250 euros for legal entities. Every euro counts and makes a difference!

6. It's your cooperative!

When you buy shares, you become a co-owner of the co-operative. Every year, you are therefore invited to vote at the General Meeting and can thus control what happens with your money. 

7. Transparent management 

It is important for our co-operators to know in which projects their money is invested. That's why we send out a quarterly newsletter with updates on our partners, the investment portfolio and financial results. You can also contact us at any time with any questions you may have.

8. A tax reduction of 5%

Alterfin is officially recognized as a Development Fund. From 7 subscribed shares (437.50 euros) as an individual, you can benefit from a tax reduction corresponding to 5% of the total payments made during the year. To fully benefit from this advantage, you must keep your shares for at least 5 years.

9. A dividend 

The distribution of a dividend is not guaranteed. However, depending on the financial results and approval by the General Meeting, an annual dividend may be paid out as remuneration for your investment.

10. Exemption and/or reduction of withholding tax

Are you a taxpayer in Belgium? Please note that the first €812 of share dividends paid is exempt from withholding tax. In addition, dividends from shares issued by SMEs, such as Alterfin, can benefit, under certain conditions, from a reduced withholding tax rate of 20% or 15%.

More info on the advantages

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How risky is it?

Like any share investment, Alterfin shares also have certain risks associated with them (e.g. the credit risk in developing countries, limited liquidity, exit conditions, etc.). These risks are described in the Prospectus 2022 (FR).

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