Kampani: a New Social Fund Is Born!

Alterfin, a number of NGOs (including Vredeseilanden and Louvain Coopération) and some private investors have created a new social investment fund: Kampani! This fund is intended for agricultural organisations in Africa, Latin America and Asia that are considered too large to benefit from microloans, but too small to receive a loan from conventional banks. Examples of such organisations include African banana cooperatives wishing to export their bananas.

What makes Kampani special is that it provides support to small and medium-sized agricultural businesses by entering their capital structure via units or shares. Kampani is and will often be a shareholder in the cooperatives it decides to back.

Alterfin is in charge of the new fund’s investment portfolio management. Kampani started its operations in January 2015 with a capital of EUR 2 million, and hopes to be self-financing by 2020.

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